About Us

Xinjiang Lihua (Group) Co., Ltd. is a core enterprise in the textile and clothing industry sector under Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group) Co., Ltd., a state-owned backbone enterprise in the autonomous region. It is a group company mainly engaged in the management of the whole cotton industry chain. It is also a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization and the largest enterprise in the domestic cotton industry. In 2021, the top 100 leading enterprises in national agricultural industrialization ranked 75th. 2021 (the fifth) top 500 Chinese agricultural enterprises ranked 133rd.

The company was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 110.5 million yuan. In recent years, with the strong support of governments at all levels and major financial institutions, it has developed rapidly, continuously extended the industrial chain vertically and expanded the business scale horizontally. Now it holds 30 subsidiaries in China, forming a full industrial chain business model integrating six sectors: cotton seed breeding, cotton planting, acquisition and processing, textile and clothing, by-product processing, and trade. It has 70000 mu of improved seed breeding base, 1.2 million mu of high standard cotton planting base 82 cotton processing plants, 1.66 million ingot Cotton Textile Industrial Park (including 950000 ingots under construction) and 2 large oil processing plants, with an annual employment of more than 30000 people. The scale of cotton planting and processing ranks first in China.